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Hasnaâ and Vincent FERREIRA are a young couple of cocoa enthusiasts. They select Grand Crus Cocoa Beans from all over the world. In their production workshop "La Fèverie" in Bordeaux, they create and make their exceptional chocolates 100% natural and composed of premium ingredients.

They are among the few in France to work in Bean To Bar (from bean to tablet). "La Fèverie" is a unique unit in Bordeaux which aims to select rare beans from around the world, then sort them by hand, roast them, crush them and finally concher them to create sensational limited edition bars.


And all this in the purest tradition of “Bean to Bar”: Only beans (often organic) and organic cane sugar without the addition of lecithin or cocoa butter other than that present in the bean!


Since November 2018, this workshop has been open to the public in order to introduce the world to the process of transforming these precious black nuggets.



Hasnaâ also places particular emphasis on fair trade by working with plantations that participate in the economic and social development of the regions in which they are located.

Darwinn Rums and Hasnaâ share the same values:





And it is because we share these same values ​​that we are proud to work with the entire Hasnaâ team, which selects and roasts the Grand Crus Cocoas that make up our series 8 of Arranged Cocoa Rums.

To find out more about Hasnaâ Chocolats Grands Crus:

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