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Cocoa Arranged Rums Discovery Box


Discover Cocoa through our dedicated recipes. Composed of Grand Cru Cocoa beans selected and roasted by Hasnaâ and Vincent FERREIRA, Chocolatiers at La Fèverie de Bordeaux (33), these recipes will take you on a journey to Peru, Venezuela and Vietnam. Enjoy subtle, gourmet and fruity recipes perfectly mastered. Embark with DARWINN and LA FEVERIE Autour du Monde, Autour du Rhum.


"Mokaya" is a term that was coined by archaeologists to refer to the pre-Olmec cultures of the regions of Mexico and Guatemala. The Mokaya are said to be the first to cultivate cocoa.


This discovery box is made up of three 20cl filtered bottles containing the following recipes:


N ° 80 CHOCONUTS Grand Cru Cocoa Beans / Torefied Italian Hazelnuts

N ° 83 SIR SAMUEL Grand Cru Cocoa Beans / Orange Zest

N ° 85 PASSIONAO Grand Cru Cocoa Beans / Passion Fruit


Available in 50cl Filtered version

MOKAYA Coffret Découverte Cacaotés

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