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Our history

Darwinn is first and foremost the story of Elizabeth and Jonathan.  


It all started in 2016 when I introduced Elizabeth to my grandfather. This last  discovers on this occasion that she is of Guadeloupe origin from her father and Reunionese from her mother. That day, my grandfather, a great lover of antiques and various objects, gave him an old book. 

"He handed her the book and said to her: are you from the islands?

Then you must appreciate the rum!"


It was an old handwritten book titled "Exploring the world of rum" by Nicholas Darwinn. A unique copy that he had acquired in England at an auction in the 1970s and that he had kept since.


After leafing through the book, we discovered that it was a large diary of trips made between the years 1928 and 1941, in the four corners of the globe. But it was above all a veritable encyclopedia of rum. Passionate about this long despised beverage, Nicholas Darwinn will have listed in this notebook the different cultures of sugar cane, their distillation processes, assembly and aging techniques. He traveled through different regions of the planet, visited a large number of plantations and distilleries.


Then he landed on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. There he discovers a local tradition: rum punch. Indeed, it is traditional on this island to macerate fruits and plants in rum so that it is more pleasant to taste.


Having become a great fan of this new technique, he devoted himself to it for a few years. At each new destination of his rum world tour, he experiments with new recipes based on local ingredients and rums. He dedicates a passage of nearly 60 pages of his book to it. Recipes, maceration techniques, detailed sheets of the ingredients used. 

We then tried the recipes listed in the notebook. 


"There were some very interesting things, others more experimental made up of improbable ingredients!"

It took us nearly a year and a half of tests  to update a selection of recipes. And on these bases, create new ones. It was after this tedious adventure that we decided to create the Darwinn brand. 

Our expertise. French quality.

Our know-how is based on two essential ingredients: 

Nicholas Darwinn's unique work which includes certain recipes and maceration techniques from our ranges as well as the precious help of Elizabeth's family, originally from the West Indies and Reunion, who brought us their experience on rum punches.

We then developed for nearly a year and a half a selection of recipes for you to discover.

We use traditional maceration techniques and carry out a rigorous selection of ingredients. We use these fresh and seasonal ingredients.

All our products are produced in our workshops by us in strict compliance with hygiene and food safety standards.

We collaborate with the best roasters, chocolatiers, beekeepers and others who help us select the most suitable ingredients for our recipes. We create together the basis of an arranged rum like no other.

We have selected the REIMONENQ distillery. A family, traditional and century-old distillery based in Guadeloupe. Distillation is provided by a master distiller who works with precision and passion in a traditional and non-industrial way. The distillery practices sustainable agriculture and has collaborated with the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)  for almost 20 years.

The result is a white rum from the heart of agricultural heating, and for certain recipes, an amber rum aged for one year in oak barrels, which are the basis of all our creations.

We try to work as often as possible directly with producers and craftsmen in order to offer you a high quality arranged rum.

All of our products are guaranteed free of artificial flavors, colorings and preservatives. Nous  have chosen to filter our macerations before bottling in order to guarantee you optimal flavors that will not be over or under macerated or even altered.

Our desire: to make you travel and explore a world of flavors.

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A family business

With values.

Our values

Our values as entrepreneurs correspond above all to our personal values:

A family business.

Darwinn&Co. Rhumeries is a 100% family-owned Simplified Joint Stock Company.

We want Darwinn&Co to remain a family business, close to its partners and employees.

An Eco-responsible company.

Helping you discover the flavors of our planet through rum also means committing to protecting it.

We try as best we can and within the limits of the possibilities offered, to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment. For this, we are committed at our level to the implementation and respect of the following measures:

- Waste recovery 

- Revalorization and transformation of ingredients from macerations

- Lighting of our premises 100% LED

- Limit of over-packaging of our products

- Implementation of glass deposit systems for CHR

- Maximum use of certified paper and cardboard materials  FSC / PEFC

- Selection of eco-responsible partners

An ethical company.

We do not work with the aim of abandoning the quality of our products for the benefit of simple profit.

We make sure to work directly with our suppliers, producers and craftsmen as much as possible.

We respect everyone's work and ensure that the entire chain of our partners is properly remunerated. A good product at a fair price. 

We ensure the well-being at work of our employees because they are the first ambassadors of the brand.

We ensure a reward for the results to the collaborators because they are essential to the functioning of the company. 

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