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The Rhum Arrangé of the Cowboys who are not afraid of spice


Agricultural white rum with a heating core Pure Guadeloupe Cane Juice, Peanuts ( peanuts ), Habanero pepper, Madagascar cinnamon stick, Artisanal Cane sugar syrup.


Chili pepper strength: 3/5


32% Vol.

Available in 50 cl, 20cl Filtered and 3x20cl "DE GAMMA" box

(50 cl filtered equivalent to approximately 70 cl with fruit)

N ° 90 BILLY BOB BOSTON Roasted peanuts / Habanero pepper

SKU: DAR.BBB.90.50
  • For lovers of: spicy and gourmet arranged rums

    Color : Cloudy cream

    Nose : Roasted peanut

    Palate : Clear attack on roasted peanuts then quickly the spiciness of Habanero pepper which warms the taste buds. Final on rum with woody notes.

    Tasting : Arranged original and marked. To be enjoyed as an aperitif, dry.

    Stock advice: Avoid storing in the refrigerator as the peanut residues can set.

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