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Pyla - Sainte Rose

Premium & Filtered Flavoured Rhums

Rhums Arranged because they are made using traditional ingredient maceration methods.

Premiums because we work with fresh, seasonal and high quality products. We use a Cœur de Chauffe Rhum Agricole Pure Cane Juice from Guadeloupe.

Filtered because it allows us to obtain an optimal maceration and balance of flavors. This step makes it possible to avoid over or under maceration, oxidation and degradation of the ingredients. You keep the best of the aromas until the last drop.

100% natural
Without dyes

No artificial flavors


Rum Agricole Guadeloupe

Traditional Maceration

Filtered bottles


Goyavo Sweet N°04

Destination la jungle Brésilienne avec le retour en édition limitée de notre Goyavo Sweet N°04.

Découvrez un Arrangé non filtré exotique, subtil et floral composé de Rhum Blanc Agricole Pur Jus de Canne de Guadeloupe, Goyaves, Zestes d'Oranges et sirop de sucre de Canne Artisanal.


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50cl, 20cl formats and boxes

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Next Day DHL/ UPS Express Delivery *

*Metropolitan France for all orders placed before noon.

Variable times for Corsica, DOM TOM and EU countries

Free shipping from 65 € of purchases *

* Mainland France and Corsica

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 The Nicholas DARWINN story

 Nicholas DARWINN would be a descendant of the famous naturalist Charles Darwin. 

  He would have changed the spelling of his name very early so as not to live in the shadow of his ancestor, 

  allowing him to fly on his own. 

  Young adventurer wishing to travel the world in order to explore its riches and cultures, 

  he embarked at the age of 19 on a first ship which took him to discover South America. 

  There he discovered the exploitation of sugar cane and the distillation of cane juice. 

  He quickly became passionate about this long despised nectar. 


  From his travels, Nicholas DARWINN made rum one of his vocations.

  For years he traveled the entire globe, meticulously listing the techniques of 

  distillation and aging of rum. 


  It was by plane, which he took for the first time in 1929, that he explored the islands of the Indian Ocean. 

  There he discovered Reunion Island... and a very special tradition of tasting rum there. 

  Rum punch or arranged rum is a preparation in which rum,

  fruits, spices, herbs and sugar. 

  A tradition that will allow him to deepen his knowledge and to exploit in himself a new potential. 


  Explorer, adventurer, now an alchemist of flavors from the 5 continents. 

  For nearly 15 years, he concocted his famous arrangements composed of different varieties of rums and ingredients that he  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf5 finds all over the place of the planet. It will last throughout its travel period, 

  a notebook that he will call "Exploring the world of rum" in which all his research will be carefully listed. 

 Nicholas DARWINN joined the English army in 1944 and disappeared during the war. 

  His notebook was bought back at an auction in London in the 1970s . 

  In 2018 the notebook is finally used: this will be the beginning of the DARWINN adventure. 


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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.

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