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The fruity arrangement par excellence


White agricultural rum, heart of Guadeloupe, Maracuja (passion fruit), Fresh raspberries, Artisanal cane sugar syrup.


32% Vol.

Available in 50 cl, 20 cl Filtered and COLUMBUS discovery box

(50 cl filtered equivalent to approximately 70 cl with fruit)

No. 35. MARABERRY. Raspberry / Maracuja (passion fruit)

SKU: DAR.MB.35.50
PriceFrom €13.00
  • For lovers of: Tangy arranged rums

    Color : Dew

    Nose : Dominant of fresh raspberry, Passion in return.

    Palate : Quick attack of raspberry then passion in base note. Floral and tangy finish.

    Tasting : Arranged very fruity and tangy. To be enjoyed with a chocolate dessert or as a lightly frozen aperitif.


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