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Traditional Christmas Arranged Rum in the West Indies


White agricultural rum with a heating core Pure Cane Juice from Guadeloupe, Orange Zest, Mandarin Zest, Bourbon Vanilla pod from Madagascar, Cinnamon stick from Madagascar, Nyala bean coffee from Ethiopia, Artisanal Cane Sugar Syrup.


32% Vol.

Available in 50 cl Filtered.

(50 cl filtered equivalent to approximately 70 cl with fruit


SKU: DAR.LSR.71.50
PriceFrom €13.00
  • For lovers of: sweet and aromatic arranged rums

    Color : Amber orange

    Nose : Dominant citrus, notes of coffee.

    Palate : A balanced blend of citrus fruits spiced with Cinnamon and rounded off by Bourbon vanilla. Final on notes of coffee and dark rum.

    Tasting : Very aromatic and spicy arranged. To be enjoyed with a chocolate dessert, as a slightly iced aperitif or as a digestif.

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