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A gourmet arrangement with Vietnamese Grand Cru Cocoa Beans and Orange Zest.


White agricultural rum, heart of heating Pure Cane Juice from Guadeloupe, Cocoa beans Grand Cru Ben Tre from Vietnam with sweet notes of cooked fruit and coffee. Frank, supple with a smoky character. Selected and roasted by Hasnaâ and Vincent FERREIRA, Artisan Chocolatiers at La Fèverie de Bordeaux (33), Orange Zest, Artisanal Cane Sugar Syrup.


32% Vol.

Available in 50 cl, 20 cl Filtered and MOKAYA discovery box.

(50 cl filtered equivalent to approximately 70 cl with fruit

N ° 83 SIR SAMUEL Cocoa beans Grand Cru from Vietnam / Orange zest

SKU: DAR.SIS.83.50
PriceFrom €13.00
  • For lovers of: fruity arranged rums and cocoa lovers

    Color : Brown, amber highlights

    Nose : Dominant orange and cocoa bean in return.

    Palate : Quick attack of orange followed by cocoa bean which binds the whole to finish on a note reminiscent of candied orangettes with dark chocolate.

    Tasting : Arranged subtle and fruity. To be enjoyed with a fruity dessert.

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